Institute of Food Safety, Animal Health and Environment “BIOR”
National Research Center
Научно исследовательский центр национального значения
More than 300 accredited laboratory test methods
Более 300 аккредитованных методов лабораторных испытаний
Leading food and veterinary research laboratory in the Baltics
Ведущая лаборатория исследования продуктов питания и ветеринарной медицины в Балтии
Aquaculture Research and Training Center
Центр исследования аквакультуры и образования
More than 1 000 000 analysis per year
Более 1 000 000 исследований в год
Article 14.06.2019
2019 Eurobarometer on Food Safety in the EU This Special Eurobarometer, commissioned by EFSA, provides insights in terms of: Europeans’ overall interest in food safety, including factors affecting food-related decisions, ...
Article 29.05.2019
The ninth stage news of the ERDF project No. During the ninth stage of the Project No., studies were performed on the effectiveness of the developed quinolone detection method ...
Article 13.05.2019
Within the framework of the activity “Post-doctoral Research Aid”, the mid-term scientific report of post-doctoral student INGARS REINHOLDS on the research proposal has received a positive evaluation from ...
Article 29.04.2019
EU And My Food EFSA has launched the campaign #EUandMyFood to raise awareness about the EU food safety system. EFSA campaign “EU And My Food” is about safe and nutritious ...
Article 25.03.2019
The eighth stage news of the ERDF project No. During the eighth stage of the Project No. / 16 / A / 258, studies were continued on the spread ...